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Movie Review: Forest Whitaker a Witness to History in ‘The Butle

Erstwhile) is given a choice between surly Mr. Nobley (JJ Feild) or fey Col. Andrews (James Callis). Arriving dramatically midvisit is Capt. East (Ricky Whittle), a soft-porn actor with the hots for another guest (Georgia King), and theres a stableboy/chauffeur (Bret McKenzie) who views this all with a jaded eye. Theyre all actors, so Janes this link romance with any of them will be fictional until, of course, it isnt. <br>Source:

Really," tweeted 9to5Mac editor Scott Buscemi . That's Apple's latest marketing effort marketing tease, really for the to-be-released redesign of its Mac Pro. The company is slapping teasers for the cylindrical computer as part of a movie theater advertising push, publishing the fact that the updated system is expected to arrive in fall of this year. We don't have a copy of the movie theater ad, but we've embedded Apple's original teaser from this year's WWDC at the bottom of this post if you'd like a little visual refresh of the unique tweaks Apple's made to the Mac Pro. While it's unclear as to what Apple's Mac Pro might ultimately cost, be prepared to spend a not-so-insignificant amount if you're interested in picking up one of the systems. It's been widely reported that the raw cost of materials within the system itself the entry-level edition, as it were could come in at just around $2,800. Expect the price to skyrocket north for any upgrades to storage, memory, or the system's CPU that potential purchasers might want to pick up. To ballpark the cost a bit more, a current quad-core version of Apple's Mac Pro starts at $2,499, whereas the 12-core iteration bumps up to $3,799 and keeps going, depending on the upgrades one selects during the ordering process. <br>Source:,2817,2423245,00.asp

You haven't heard? Honestly, in a world where few movies offer the opportunity for such a gathering of A-list people of color to star together in a movie that isn't awash in stereotypes, execs at Warner Brothers should be ashamed of themselves. In a jerk-tactic clearly meant to undermine any box office competition from The Weinstein Company (TWC), they claimed earlier rights to the name The Butler, citing an unheard of silent short released in 1916. Even after a heartfelt appeal by the director, ultimately Warner Brothers won in the courts (as they were within their rights according to law, never mind the number of movies in history with the same name...) led to a need to change all promo materials in the 11th hour. For this critic, this bad sportsmanship and money grubbing made for a far greater desire to see and support it if it is worthy. After all, hundreds of working actors (who were famously paid next to nothing) and crew spent many months creating the end result, whatever its name. As Daniels will attest, the movie was never meant to be a blockbuster. <br>Source:

10 Powerful Quotes From The Steve Jobs Movie And What They Teach Us About Leadership

"And part of going on the diet was just to try to get an understanding of that. I didn't like it very much. It was really painful, ultimately. But it was really worth it, 'cause I think I gained a level of empathy towards that kind of discipline and focus that I don't think I could have played the role without." Arriving Friday, "jOBS" traces Steve Jobs' ascendance from college dropout to globally influential creator and will recount his founding of Apple along with Steve Wozniak (played by Josh Gad). As one of the more tech-savvy stars in Hollywood, Kutcher was initially nervous to portray someone he calls his "hero." "I admire him, and I admire his work," Kutcher told CNN. "The scariest thing for me was that I wanted ... people to see my portrayal of him and see it as a portrayal that was honoring him and being honest about some of the flaws that he had. <br>Source:

Movie Review: Lee Daniels' The Butler

Once you learn that, you will never be the same again. Dont just live a life; build one. 5. I would rather gamble on our vision than make a me, too product. Steve Jobs believed in dreaming big. In the 1970s personal computers were relegated to the hobbyist market. Jobs had the vision of putting a computer in the hands of everyday people. He once said that Xerox could have dominated the entire computer industry because Xerox scientists in Palo Altos PARC research facility were developing the first graphical user interface. <br>Source:

Becoming Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher Kim Kardashian beach on his movie transformation

civil rights movement to apartheid in South Africa. Daniels lines up some heavy hitters to play the presidents. We get Robin Williams as Dwight Eisenhower, Liev Schreiber as Lyndon Johnson, John Cusack as Richard Nixon, Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan and, perhaps the most impressive performance, James Marsden as John F. Kennedy. Oprah Winfrey plays Gloria, Cecils attention-starved wife. In case you forgot after all, its been read here 15 years since she last appeared in a live-action film as someone other than herself Oprah can, indeed, act. Lets also not forget that she was nominated for an Oscar in 1986 for her work in The Color Purple, and it certainly doesnt hurt this film that that the majority of her scenes are with fellow Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard and Oscar-winner Whitaker. While we see the civil rights movement through the lens of the White House, the brutality and humanity of it all is brought to life through Cecils son, Louis, played by David Oyelowo, who is always a treat to watch. <br>Source:

'This Magic Moment' a movie romance on Hallmark Channel (Photos)

"This Magic Moment" opens with a dream sequence, as small town video store owner Clark Gable (Travis Schuldt - "Scrubs") dreams about his movie star crush Helena Harris (Diane Neal -Law & Order: SVU). He awakes with a start and soon learns that the star click is actually coming to the town of Stone's Throw to shoot a movie. Helena is a famous movie star who breezes into town for a role in her latest movie, along with famed director Duncan Doyle, played by Emmy winner Charles Shaughnessy ("Stanley," "Days of our Lives"). Her ex-boyfriend, aging movie hunk Roberto Molinez (Vincent Spano - "Sangue Caldo") co-stars in the movie and arrives along with the cast and crew to the small town of Stone's Throw where they shoot on location. Clark Gable explains to Helena that his father owned the local movie theater and named him after the "Gone with the Wind" actor. Clark finds himself in a love triangle when Helena befriends him. <br>Source:

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